Will There Ever Come A Time Where I Stop Thinking About Runescape?


Will there ever come a time where I stop thinking about runescape?


I like the variety of things to do. This is a sport where you can kill a few supervisors, do some dungeons, maybe grind the heck out of some skills or perform some questing if that's your thing. The RS gold quest storylines are in fact pretty good and may be quite funny when you've got the patience for them. It also leaves the choice to afk skill and play other games like those mentioned above. I feel as though your buddies may hate Runescape because it's only the thing folks do rather than try. Ask them why they hate Runescape. Listing better matches is a reason to hate a game let alone make fun of a person who enjoys.

Because it's an MMO there may be new upgrades, such as arch and the brand new pursuit, while the stuff your friends listed are all done development unless they purchase DLCs. You can't actually"finish" runescape since there can be fresh content. Also because it is an MMO, there are different ways to play Runescape, like doing stuff with Runescape market and enjoying multiple accounts. Single player games can not have those items. The afk variable is fine, you can make progress even if you're busy. Other games need your entire attention so it's quite inconvenient because you have to specifically make time to play Runescape.

Will there ever come a time where I stop thinking about runescape?

I havnt played runescape for longer then a couple of days in the past two years? For like a week leave for 8 months, I come back to play with it. Im currently on my longest stretch of about a year and I think about it. My goals. Stuff like this. Once the fuck do I IDK man stop thinking about this particular game. I DONT PLAY THIS GOD DAM GAME ANYMORE. Im even planning shit outside in excel wrong. Im need this game man, I dont. I DONT NEED IT. This sport in particular, video games, are very low representations of life. Status, goals, being competent, being apart of a clan- they hack on your evolutionary biology; particularly because you're a goal seeking animal that must be progressing towards a goal, not even automatically attaining the goal but the pursuit of one.

Your character comes out of a lack of these fulfillments in your life although a great deal of folks do play with video games. My advice would be to take stock of yourself and figure out what goals you want in life- make progressions towards these more worthy endeavors. RuneScape will always be an appealing option because, not only are the goals easier to attain than irl goals, but Runescape is constantly tapping into your need to get a pursuit of targets (believe the way the xp floats toward your complete xp whenever you are skilling, the way your complete killcount increases with every kill) resulting in more instant gratification. Have an aim, to who you were, compare yourself, locate peace brother.

I'm not sure that it is. You see, a banana that is singular is worth 125gp on the market, but in practice its much more like 160. I really don't have access because my friend and me are going to do it together later on, but that still makes them interesting as a source of cash right. So, first I tried khazard, dumping them in the cheap OSRS gold bank and buying 15 bananas at one time. A round trip is fairly quickly, but the entire world hopping is slow, and the gain is not wonderful. Then I realised that you can put bananas.


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