5 Ways To Enhance Sales Force Effectiveness In Pharma Industry


5 ways to enhance sales force effectiveness in pharma industry

Salesforce constitutes a large part in the pharma organization as it aids in engaging and converting customers into a potential lead. 

Present-day, businesses are heavily dependent on sales force as they offer the organization to produce growth and increase their profit margin to a greater extent. That’s why it is extremely important for an organization to implement a strong strategy to improve sales force effectiveness. 

Sales force effectiveness allows your sales reps to prioritize their work schedules, set targets, and give incentives to the sales reps on successfully completing the target. 

In addition to this, with the help of pharma sales force automation software, sales representatives can successfully resolve all the issues including profit margin, work schedule and more.


Process of improving sales force effectiveness: 

An American Industrialist once said: Take my factories and buildings, burn them but give me my salesforce back so that I can build up my business again. 

The above statement is totally apt as it shows the importance of sales force for the success of any organization. 

SFE gives an ability to handle pressure, taking feedback & recognition, developing competencies as per the market trends. In addition to this, sales force effectiveness along with CRM in pharmaceutical industry allows their sales reps to prioritize their work, understand the buyer’s needs and target better customers. 


Step 1: Discover clear objectives: 

Corporations need to improve their sales force effectiveness by determining a set of objectives. Apart from determining objectives, there must be senior management that connects the individual objective of each department with the overall objectives of the organization. 

These linking objectives strategy facilitates performance measurement and communications. 


  1. Establish KPIs: 

KPIs is used to identify if there is some problem in the process. In case, if a problem exists, it can be immediately resolved through insights. So, if you want to improve your sales force effectiveness, you need to clearly understand the objectives and priorities first before establishing KPIs. 


  1. Converting strategic intent into actions: 

It is important to convert these strategies into meaningful actions and measure them against set KPI. The sales reps need to create a list of processes that are crucial to accomplish certain objectives as the soles force find it difficult to identify the processes that fail to provide any contribution in achieving objectives. 

Such non-contributing processes must be stopped immediately, and the resources must be diverted to the processes and activities that assist in achieving objectives.

  1. Increase accountability: 

Sales representatives should have a clear understanding of their jobs and responsibilities and their contribution to accomplish their objectives. This all can be done by using business and market intelligence. 

  1. Measuring performance: 

Setting standards yet not measuring the real performance against it is of no utilization. So as to improve its sales force effectiveness, organizations must adopt a strategic management process in order to track and survey the next step processes. 

Sales force automation software plays a crucial role in improving the sales force effectiveness as with the help of it, sales force can easily automate all the sales-related activities such as order booking, information sharing, contact management, inventory control and more.

Salestrip is a sales force automation software that assists pharma sales reps in multiple ways. Salestrip is specially designed to automate all the sales tasks such as management, monitoring of sales and marketing and leverage field sales with meaningful insights.


To request a demo or for more information, please visit www.salestrip.in


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