What Is An IT Security Consultant And Why Do You Need One?


What Is an IT Security Consultant and Why Do You Need One?

You can consider an IT security consultant to be a professional who specializes in bringing the benefits of highly technical and scarce expertise to the organization.  Nowadays there are different kinds of cyber security consultant with special niches such as:


Penetration testers, who have the skill sets for finding out vulnerabilities in the current network used by an organization

Then we have the information security auditor who will be assessing the organization’s compliance with infosec standards like PCI DSS and ISO 27001. They have the accreditation to certify a business as per benchmarked standards.

There are CLAS consultants who will be providing government-accredited information security consulting services to government agencies.

Then we have the business continuity professionals who are experts in assessing the resilience of an organization’s network to disruption. They will recommend viable ways of improving the ability to survive a major incident.  It includes facilities like proven measures for recovering from a disaster.

We have advisors specializing in computer security consulting and they will be providing advice on network topology, firewall configuration, password policies, anti-malware software, allocation of access control rights and related network security protocols.

Nest we have the information assurance specialist who will be providing valuable advice on the existing information security management system. It is inclusive infosec policy, guidelines and procedures, training and security awareness and important sections of contracts.


To sum up,IT security consultant can have different skill sets but most importantly he or she can alert the organization of unsuspected issues that lies under the cover but can be a source of the problem in the near future. Even if your organization’s network is serving you well still a fresh pair of vigilant eyes can bring into light the weaknesses that could be worked on and improved significantly.


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