Pleated Screens Are Designed For Easy Mesh Replacement


Pleated screens are designed for easy mesh replacement

In Dubai the conventional mosquito nets and fly screens are now being replaced by pleated screens. The pleated screens act a perfect insect protector and barrier for the tenants too. It is suitable for installing beside all the existing doors and windows of your villa. The pleated screens are designed for easy mesh replacement. It simply means, if you are planning for an insect screen repair then pleated screensare the best available option in Dubai. Not only they will last longer than conventional screens but also provide ultimate protection from unwanted guests i.e. bugs and insects. Moreover, the pleated mesh is made from stronger material than traditional mosquito nets and fly screens which are manufactured from basic fibreglass.

The insect screen repair replacement of a pleated screen is done in very simple steps. The pleated screens do not require any existing frame or track because they are a complete system. They are designed to exactly fit into your doors and windows.

There are numerous reasons for choosing pleated screens and the most important factor is peace of mind. The pleated screens will provide you peace of mind once you install them you can sit back and relax with a clear view of outside. We have many more reasons to discus as to why you should replace the conventional ones with these pleated screens. The modern design of the pleated screen doors adjusts easily with existing designs of doors and windows. The mosquito net Dubai industries are also switching over to the manufacturing of pleated screens because they are becoming a popular option in the modern villas of Dubai.

They are available in various custom colours designed to match your home interiors. However, the colour and the style of the screen is purely for aesthetics only, the more important factor which to consider while choosing a screen is its capacity of tolerating the extreme climatic conditions of Dubai. 

Even the screen door Dubai retailers now have an extensive range of pleated screens because they know that most the Dubai residents prefer them as away of enhancing their home décor. Also, these pleated screens are available at an affordable price, you don’t need to spend thousands of dirham’s to change the look of your home. The affordable prices and so many unique features of these pleated screens make them a must have product line at your home.

Cleaning and maintenance of the pleated screens is easy and can be done without any external manual support. All you need is normal water, mild detergent and damp cloth to clean. Cleaning the pleated screens at regular time intervals increases its life. It can be done in simple steps.

Now when you have so many reasons for choosing pleated screen over conventional ones, you should not delay in getting one for your home. After all home is the place where you can relax and have quality and peaceful time with your family. It’s the perfect time now you choose bug protection for your family.

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