BEST FUR: Shop Online At Best Price

BEST FUR: Shop Online at best price

BEST FUR: Shop Online at best price

Shopping for a fur coat for winter season? Or may be a scarf, fur hat or a handbag? You know shopping is a difficult task. You have to choose one from so many options. So before you hop up and choose something which doesn’t suits you, it’s important to do research about the different types of fur and which type is right for you. This guide gives you knowledge about fur and helps you in selecting the best one –


Fox- fox for is well-known for its lavish fully-furred pieces and for its bizarre natural colors like- red, white, gray, silver or mixture. The fur is full-bodied, long haired, detailed and fluffy, though lightweight. You should Shop Fur Online as there are so many benefits of doing so.


Mink- mink is the most accepted fur and it is sold worldwide. American mink is in fact considered as the world’s loved fur. Mink fur is lightweight, plush, soft and long-lasting. It is perfect for both casual and formal style.


Beaver – beaver is preferred for durability and matchless warmth. It is made in 2 forms – sheared and natural. Back in 1950s, Simone D’Alliencourt wore a coat made of beaver fur.


Rabbit- rabbit fur in developed 100 years ago in France. It is famous for adaptability and beauty, and it is unbelievably affordable. It is soft, silky, warm and lightweight.


Raccoon- raccoon fur is an absolute lavish high fashion piece. It is soft, dense, and lofty, and has long silvery guard hairs. Raccoon fur is best for making stunning tuxedo trims and collars. This fur is best to dress up a look.


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