The Pros And Cons Of Grow Method Of Coaching

The Pros and Cons of Grow Method of Coaching

The Pros and Cons of Grow Method of Coaching

It is not known for sure who originally developed the GROW method of coaching, but some think it was developed by Graham Alexander but popularized by Sir John Whitmore.

For those who are new to coaching, the GROW mode along with the Heskett profit chain provides a very useful framework. By helping the coaches to identify what he wants from the conversation, it helps to prevent it from becoming a conversation without direction. If the goal is 'SMARTend', it has a relevant, measurable, achievable and relevant objective with a time limit so that both the coach and the coaches know exactly in which direction the session should go.

The final stage of GROW is the Way to be followed, in other words, it is the stage in which the client identifies the action that must be taken. While coaching is about advancing a client, not all sessions can result in specific actions. If as coaches we are so focused on finding action and focusing on "doing," we can overlook the importance of simply making clients aware of who they are, what they are noticing, what they feel in other words, "being". .

The advantage of the Grow Model Coaching Questions is that it is a structure to guide the coach is also its drawback ... whenever a coach is using a structure to guide the conversation and stay informed, they would not allow the client to do so. Guide the conversation.

So, if you are a coach, ask yourself how you are using the GROW model. Does it guide or restrict you? Do you spend more time thinking about where you are in the model or are you 100% focused on listening and following your client? Moreover, who has initiated the action ... you or the client?

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