Info About New RS Dino Weapon Packs And 7% Off Rs Gold On RSorder


Info about New RS Dino Weapon Packs and 7% off rs gold on RSorder

New Land Out of Time themed Dino Weapon Packs are available in the Solomons General Store from July 15th. The new packs spread across Melee, Magic and Ranged.

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New RS Dino Weapon Packs available

A new range of Land Out of Time themed weapon overrides is coming to RuneScape Solomons General Store this month. From July 15th, players are able to purchase the new RuneScape Dino Weapon Packs in the Solomons General Store.
There are 3 weapon packs: Dino Melee Weapon Pack, Dino Magic Weapon Pack and Dino Ranged Weapon Pack. These packs spread across Melee (two handed sword, scimitar, mace, dagger and spear), Magic (staff, wand, orb and book) and Ranged (shield bow, two handed crossbow, one handed crossbow, throwing axe, short bow and throwing knife).

Items in RuneScape Solomons General Store

Solomon's General Store sells a variety of unique personalisations and items that is applied to the player avatar in the form of a cosmetic override. Items you can buy from Solomon’s General Store include cosmetic outfits, titles, achievement banners, new animations for fishing, woodcutting, herblore, mining, and slayer, some unique emotes and teleportation animations as well as a new high alchemy animation. Most transactions in the store are done with RuneCoins.

Enjoy RuneScape Dino Weapon Packs if you want to buy them from Solomon’s General Store.

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