Important Things To Remember For Couples Married At Registry Office Melbourne

Important things to remember for couples married at Registry Office Melbourne

Important things to remember for couples married at Registry Office Melbourne

In Australia, the couple must sign three copies of the marriage certificate. One of them is a "nice" document, known as the Certificate of the Party and also known as "Form 15". This is an official document and will have a unique serial number/registration number.

If a couple gets married at registry office Melbourne the authorized celebrant delivers the matching certificate, once signed as necessary, to the newly married couple for their own registration.

The second copy has on its back the Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage. The Registry for the marriage to be registered processes this copy of the Marriage Certificate.

The third copy is the one retained by the authorized celebrant (the copy of the "Marriage Registry"). Usually, in an official Marriage or Leather Registry maintains it. If something goes wrong with the official copy, if the marriage registry office Melbourne requires this information for any reason, the authorized celebrant (according to the Marriage Regulation) can provide this copy to the Registry.

For most official or legal purposes, the couple will require a standard Marriage Certificate. This will be a stamped and printed copy issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages (known as the Registry or BDM). When requested by the couple they get a copy of the registry.

The Certificate of the Party is an official document but, while it is a proof of marriage, it may not constitute sufficient evidence for a particular case in question. For example, it is not sufficient proof of marriage in relation to identity. That is why the Standard Marriage Certificate will be required for cases such as the passport application, the update of your driver's license/bank account / Medicare details, etc.

As a rule, when the bride or groom (or both) need to prove their marriage, or when the bride needs to prove her identity (if she decides to change her surname to that of her husband), the Standard Certificate of Marriage is required proof of marriage.

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