Obtain OSRS Crystal Grail With 7% Off Rsorder RS07 Gold


Obtain OSRS Crystal Grail with 7% off Rsorder RS07 Gold

Crystal grail is a new in-game item released with the Song of the Elves quest. If you want to obtain this new grail, read the detailed information below to learn how to get and use it.

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Defeat rabbit to obtain OSRS Crystal grail

A new item named Crystal grail OSRS is available after the release of the Song of the Elves update. The Crystal grail is a rare drop from the Level 2 Rabbit located in the cave near the Hunter spot north of Prifddinas. To obtain the new grail, players need to complete the Song of the Elves quest first and then kill the rabbit in the cave.
It is currently unknown whether this drop is rare or consistently dropped from the Rabbit each kill. This rabbit spawns every few hours and has relatively the same mechanics as Commander Zilyana. Bringing stamina potions to outrun it is recommended.

Crystal grail: similar to ale of the gods

You may wonder what you can do with this new Crystal grail OSRS. It seems that the Crystal grail works similar to ale of the gods, which is the reward from master Treasure Trails. When equipped, the player uses a drunken animation while standing and walking.

Do you want to obtain the Crystal grail OSRS?

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