Upscale With Best Big Data Hadoop Training In Noida

Upscale With Best Big Data Hadoop Training in Noida

Upscale With Best Big Data Hadoop Training in Noida

What is the need for Hadoop?

Hadoop is used to counter big data problems. The swift rise in social media and data generation created the need for data analytics and with such a gigantic amount of data, traditional methods are not able to fulfill analytics needs. To address this problem, Hadoop is used to process data and store in clusters. It creates duplicate data to protect it from any kind of loss. It is a budget-friendly method and used by most of the large organizations.


What is Hadoop?

Apache Hadoop is an open-source software framework for data processing and storage of big data. It assists to find valuable useful information. It is capable of processing complex data at very high speed. It offers storage at a massive amount of data. Hadoop has a fault-tolerant system, in the eleven of failures of any node; it duplicates the data to other nodes. It is a cost-effective solution available to the organizations.


Components of Hadoop

  • Hadoop common
  • HDFS: Hadoop Distributed File System
  • Hadoop Yarn
  • Hadoop MapReduce.


KVCH is leading partner that join hands with individuals to upscale knowledge and develop skills. It provides the best Big data Hadoop training in Noida under the direction of the best professionals in the industry. Training is based on the latest technologies and helps the individual to get authentic industrial exposure. We construct training modules that are well-suited for every student and enable to learn core concepts of big data and Hadoop framework. We provide offline classrooms training and instructor-led online training with real sessions not recorded videos. Our vision is to familiarize candidates with genuine work-culture of the industry.  We have a record of successfully placing several candidates in top-notch companies and leading organizations. 




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