Join In RS Coming Hunter Clan Cup With 1250M Free Rsorder RS3 Gold


Join in RS Coming Hunter Clan Cup with 1250M Free Rsorder RS3 Gold

The Month Ahead video for August 2019 has revealed some planned contents released this month. RS Vic the Trader is coming back with the Elite Woodcutting outfit, and the Big Game Hunter Clan Cup will start on Anachronia on the same day.

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RS Big Game Hunter Clan Cup on Anachronia

The new RuneScape Big Game Hunter Clan Cup will run for one week from August 19th on Anachronia island. The objective is to skin as many dinosaurs as you can during three 1-hour sessions. These sessions can be started at any time within this RuneScape Clan Cup week.
After the best session from each of the Top 10 clan members from each clan is tallied up, the clan with the top score wins. Winners will gain access to RuneScape Crystal Avatar, a stickied thread in clan recruitment, a 12% XP boost and 100% faster capping. The reward will remain active for one month.

Vic the Trader RuneScape coming back

The owner of Vic’s Store, Vic the Trader RuneScape returns with a better assortment of stock. He will set up his shop once again in Gielinor on August 19th. You will be able to purchase RuneScape Elite Woodcutting outfit (Nature’s sentinel outfit) and others from Vic the Trader. For the entire two weeks, you can trade in Bonus XP and purchase rewards from him.

Will you participate in RuneScape Big Game Hunter Clan Cup?

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