Details Of OSRS Proposed LMS Rewards And 100M Free Rsorder Runescape 07 Gold


Details of OSRS Proposed LMS Rewards and 100M Free Rsorder Runescape 07 Gold

There will be a new OSRS Last Man Standing poll containing some proposed LMS rewards in August 2019. Here you could learn the details of these new rewards.

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When is OSRS Last Man Standing rewards poll?

A poll for Last Man Standing OSRS will run from Friday August 16 to Wednesday August 21, 2019. In this poll players could vote for some new rewards for OSRS LMS.

Details of proposed rewards in OSRS LMS poll

1. Deadman Cosmetic Armour
OSRS Deadman Cosmetic Armour offered in OSRS LMS reward shop will include the top, bottoms, and cape with no stats.
2. Trouver Parchment
The Last Man Standing Reward Shop will offer a consumable scroll Trouver Parchment. When taken to Perdu, he can enchant one of the items which are normally repaired for a fee. This enchantment will enable you to take that item above 20 Wilderness.
3. Halos
Some new Halos may be offered in the LMS reward shop, including the Armadyl Halo, Bandos Halo, Seren Halo, Ancient Halo and Brassica Halo.
4. 3 Speed 1-Handed Weapon
The Last Man Standing Reward Shop will offer a new one handed weapon that attacks every 3 cycles with no stats.
5. Guthixian Icon/Staff of Balance
You will be able to take a Guthixian Icon to Juna who can infuse it into a Staff of the Dead to create the Staff of Balance OSRS. The Staff of Balance carries the same stats as the Staff of Light and Staff of the Dead.
6. Combat XP Rewards
The LMS Reward shop will offer combat XP Rewards. You can exchange the points at the store in above 25 combat skills.
7. Points Exchange
There will be a points exchange which will give you a roll on the generic loot table, including alchables, useful materials and supplies.

Do you want these proposed rewards in the OSRS LMS poll?

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