How To Reduce Bounce Rate? Six Vital Tips To Execute

How to Reduce Bounce Rate? Six Vital Tips to Execute

How to Reduce Bounce Rate? Six Vital Tips to Execute

Bounce rate can be defined as percentage of individuals that navigate away from a website after viewing only one page. According to latest research, anything between 26 and 40 is considered excellent but causes alarm when beyond 70. Complex layouts, slow load times, obsolete aesthetics, etc. are the aspects that usually held responsible. Well, apart from these issues, the following write-up explores much more, thus, help business owners improve bounce rate without hassle.


  • Load Time

We all have abandoned websites because their pages were not loading fast enough. Enhancing load time by compressing image files, getting rid of unnecessary plugins, minifying code, etc., is perhaps most effective way of alleviating bounce rate. Remember a second’s delay can lead to 10% less views, 15% less customer satisfaction, and 6% less conversion.


  • Visual Hierarchy

Competent professionals carrying out website design in Melbourne said an aesthetically appealing visual hierarchy can help consumers detect important features such as brand-new launches, special deals, discounts, product/service names, etc. seamlessly. Use bold fonts, huge texts, and vibrant colours to stay ahead of curve under all circumstances.


  • Social Share Tabs

Each blog post on website must have buttons or tabs in corner that allows readers to share it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. This promotes brand awareness but does not negatively affect the bounce rate. Entrepreneurs would not want someone to click off their website to share blogs, and then unfortunately not end up converting.


  • White Space

White space or negative space is blank area in a webpage, lying typically between images and text. Although most do not pay any attention, but white space is an incredibly essential design element, which one can use to his or her advantage. Structuring content in an asymmetrical layout inflicts directional stress on white space but in a more interesting manner.  


  • FAQ

Renowned providers offering quality SEO packages Melbourne for an affordable price have repeatedly emphasised on necessity of FAQ (frequently asked questions) section. It must have answers to queries that contemporary consumers usually put forward about a product or service. FAQ pages drive abundant traffic, thus, decrease bounce rate, and propel search engine ranks.


  • Responsive Approach

Finally, yet importantly, in present times, all business owners must invest in a responsive approach, and get relief from high bounce rate to a great extent. Design website in a way that it can adapt to any screen size, be it of desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Since most people conduct online activities via mobile devices, implementing this particular tip is a must.


All tips stated above are common recommendations based on practices that work across most industrial domains. However, since each business is different in some way or other, to be sure what suits them best, owners must test out significant aspects. Many use Google Analytics for making data-informed decisions. They even evaluate heat maps, thus, pinpoint any areas where arrangement might not be quite clear.


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