Onion Shampoo: Hair Loss Remedies

Onion Shampoo: Hair Loss Remedies

Onion Shampoo: Hair Loss Remedies

What do you think of when you first think about treating hair loss? You may first consider things like topical solutions, Best HairOil For Hair Growth, or expensive treatments like hair transplant. All these things are available to those who suffer from hair loss, but that is a problem.

Many people buy hair oil online which are expensive and do not deliver the results they claim. On the other hand, simple foods such as onions and garlic can help your hair grow. The reason these two types of food work so well is that they are both filled with mineral sulfur.

Sulfur helps hair growth and you can find a variety of natural hair products that contain this mineral. Both can be used in different ways to grow hair faster. For example, you can cut onion or garlic cloves to open the scalp pulp. This releases sulfur directly into the scalp.

Garlic can be cut into small pieces and mixed with a glass of milk. This one treatment seems a bit strange, but it still works perfectly. Place chopped garlic in milk for at least 45 minutes before applying this mixture to the scalp.

Onion shampoo can also be used as a natural topical treatment for thinning hair. In fact, onion juice is so powerful that in studies conducted using it, 70% of users have experienced significant hair growth.

It also helps to keep the structure good. You can see that many companies are beginning to incorporate this mineral into gels, sprays, shampoos and other hair care products because of the great benefits.

Garlic can be cut into small pieces and added to a glass of milk for its own treatment of hair loss. Onion pulp can be wrapped around the scalp to release sulfur directly. As a result, the mineral reaches the roots. If you do not want to take a bad odor scalp, wash your scalp immediately

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