How To Select Best Voice For On Hold Message?

How to select best voice for On Hold Message?

How to select best voice for On Hold Message?

It is great decision to choose the best voice for the Phone on Hold Messages. Mostly, callers have precise hope in regard to what the receiver will say when they make a call to company. Choosing best voice requires knowledge of audience.

Here are some things you should consider while choosing the best voice for your Phone on Hold Messages –

Know about your audience – having knowledge about your audience important to create a good on hold message and choosing the voice for the message. It is also essential to know that if the callers will have problems they would be solved quickly. If the company is taking more calls from the younger section then authoritative voice can result in end of calls.

Male or female – the gender of voice you select will totally depend upon the type of company and the services and products offered. According to various studies 46% people consider female voice as soothing and 48% say that male voice is authoritative.

Nonetheless, these studies indicate one gender better than the other. Generally, female voice is used when the audience is female and male voice is used when the audience is male. Abe of audience and company can be aspects of choosing the voice artist.

 Typically, male voice artist is best for informative and technical messages and female voice artist are best for more comforting and nurturing messages. Younger voice is relaxed and friendly whereas mature voice is more credible and trustworthy.

Selecting best voice of Phone on Hold Messages is totally about your audience and brands you offer and then choosing the one that perfectly fits for the task.

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