You Get The Dress Appropriate Afore The Wedding

You get the dress appropriate afore the wedding

You get the dress appropriate afore the wedding

Aspirational outfitting was the ambition with the Long Prom Dresses rental startup Union Base too, but it activate the complete to this value-driven, adeptness customer. Centered on its website a year afterwards barrage was an acknowledgment for the abortion of its rental proposition: “Our mission is — and will consistently be — to amusement your accompany like they’re our friends. Accepting a acceptable acquaintance agency accepting honest with you. And to be absolutely honest, renting just wasn’t working.”

Founder Corie Hardee tells me that FeelTimes, as it angry out, renting a bridesmaid dress alone fatigued humans out about a high-stakes day. “You get the dress appropriate afore the wedding; oftentimes, somebody needs alterations,” she says. “About a year ago, we switched the business archetypal to just diplomacy bridesmaid dresses. But we’re still acid out the store.” Union Base will accept no attainable investment annular and is still alive on pivoting its business model, accepting anchored a New York City-limits branch to accomplish its dresses.


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