5 Best Dishes You Should Try In Havana, CUBA

5 Best Dishes You Should Try in Havana, CUBA

5 Best Dishes You Should Try in Havana, CUBA

Being a writer of one of the Best Travel and Food Blogs, Younglikeb. I want you to upgrade your knowledge with Cuba other than its vintage cards and world-class cigars by breaking into this cuisine and lip-smacking dishes you should not miss. Cuban cuisine is blended by American, Spanish, African and Caribbean cuisines, resulting in a special, tasty and flavorful blend.

Havana is the capital of Cuba and is highly popular among travelers for a wide array of attractions to see. In addition, food dishes in Havana also attracts people from all over the world too.

1. Fried Dough (Chiviricos)

Who doesn’t like fried dough? Try this very popular street food if you visit Havana. Good for a snack or small bites at any day-time while your visit to Havana. Despite that fried dough is crispy, chewy and greasy; food lovers are sometimes asked to stand in a queue to get this.

2. Goat Platter

Goat Platter is popular in Havana, Cubo. Some local people’s even declare that Havana has the finest Fricasse de Carnero in the country. You can eat this dish in local eatery, restaurants and even at the fine-dining place. This is made out of tender chunks of stewed goat served on Arroz Morro, with white rice, black beans and yucca and salad as a side dish.

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3. Pan Con Bistec

This dish is torn between a satisfying snack and a great starter for lunch meal or dinner. You can easily eat this at small street shops or even in restaurants. This mouth-watering snack is made out of fried pork steak, garlic and onions.

4. Tamal En Casula

This is a corn porridge that will satisfy everyone’s curiosity about Cuban Dishes. Cooked in a pot, which can serve as an appetizer. If you’re looking for a more fulfilling version, some food places cook this with cornmeal dough and tender pork.


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