World Of Warcraft - Blizzard Uses A Vulgar Filter To Favor China


World of Warcraft - Blizzard uses a vulgar filter to favor China

World of Warcraft Classic Gold for slae Apparently in World of Warcraft the vulgarity filter also contains lines of text that could disturb the Chinese regime such as "NoExtraditionToChina".

After the censorship case against Chung "Blitzchung" Ng Wai many users are studying the influence of the Chinese regime in Blizzard titles scanning files by file.

One of the most interesting discoveries of a few hours ago concerns the addition to the filter of vulgarity of lines of text not appreciated by the regime such as the aforementioned "NoExtraditionToChina" which obviously refers to protests in Hong Kong.

Many wonder why they never prevent a native English speaker from writing such a text as well as asking where vulgarity would be.

Clearly the new accusations of censorship against Blizzard in favor of China started immediately and according to many people there would be no scruples in limiting the freedom of their users in order not to lose access to the rich Chinese market.

Moreover it was not only Blizzard that fell in front of the statements of the Chinese government as demonstrated by the NBA case practically contemporary buy safe WOW Classic Gold and as demonstrated by the speed with which Apple removed an application from the App Store because it was used by Hong Kong protesters under pressure from the Beijing government.

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