Healing Back Massage


Healing back massage

Some form of back ailment has a major impact on a person's quality of life, often limiting their opportunities for action. Back pain is a fairly common problem that can be caused by a variety of factors:

  • inappropriate posture while working, walking or resting;
  • heavy body loads;
  • operations;
  • illness;
  • injuries.

The purpose of therapeutic back massage is to help the body recover from the effects of these or other factors. Massage helps in the rehabilitation after healing procedures, suppresses and removes pain, so it can become a way to regain well-being and enjoy a pain-free routine. During the massage, the master will choose the most appropriate strength and frequency of motion based on the condition of the back to give the greatest therapeutic benefit.

Benefits of therapeutic back massage:

  • Improves dorsal blood flow and lymphatic flow.
  • Relieves back pain.
  • Relieves tense back areas.
  • Gives strength and helps eliminate the feeling of fatigue.
  • The back skin becomes elastic and elastic.

With us you have the opportunity to choose a massage oil for you, which smells pleasant to you. The following options are available: almond, apricot pips, grape pips, roses, citrus fruits, buriti, toning and muscle relaxing oils. You can also indulge in a massage with butter, cocoa or mango fruit butter.

Duration of procedure 60 min. (including undressing and dressing).

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