Importance Of Playing Music While Traveling

importance of playing music while traveling

importance of playing music while traveling

importance of playing music while traveling

You will be wondering while the journey always seems shorter while playing music and traveling. Below I will share some cool effects of playing a particular type of music while traveling.

First of all, music is one of the major factor in the universe and also a major uniting factor as it unites people of different region together. Like we always say that music have no enemy.

Music is basically classified into different types and these types are mainly called genres. Below are some popular types or genres



Dance hall


Hip hop

The above mentioned are mainly found in the European region but coming down to African continent, basically south african music industry, we have:

Afro house

deep house

soulful house



Reggae and others.

Now playing the some of the above mentioned music types or genres can increase your heart beat as well as blood pressure and some can calm your whole being and in turn make you remember good or bad old memories.

Now playing a particular music genre in the above listed music genre can help you make a perfect travel as well as even make you fall asleep and sometimes you might not know when you get to your destination.

Now to me the best music to play when traveling is the blues or the amapiano if you are an african as the second music type can be mostly found in sa music industry and many can be downloaded from hiphopza.

Now playling this blues or amapiano will set your soul free, make you stable, confortable and worry free. Like I said earlier, sometimes you won't know when you hit your destination point. These type of music types are solely designed to keep the soul at peace and it comes in a better package when it's a dj mix or mixtapes containing blues or amapiano or mixture of both on it's playlist.


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