Enjoy RS Cerberus Rush Treasure Hunter Promotion & 80% Off Rsorder RS Gold For Sale


Enjoy RS Cerberus Rush Treasure Hunter Promotion & 80% off Rsorder RS Gold for Sale

As the latest Treasure Hunter promotion, RS Cerberus Rush is active now and will run until Jan. 13th. During this TH promo, players have a chance of obtaining Cerberus Armour tokens to unlock the new RS Cerberus Armour Set.

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When & how to join in RS Cerberus Rush?

RS3 Cerberus Rush is the latest Treasure Hunter promotion running until January 13th, 2020. When opening Treasure Hunter during this promotion for the first time, you can obtain a medium supreme star, medium lava lantern and a medium smouldering lamp.
During this Treasure Hunter promo, there is a chance of obtaining weapon overrides as well as smouldering lamps, supreme stars and lava lanterns. You may also gain multiplier tokens which can double or even triple your prize during this promotion.

Gain tokens for RS Cerberus Armor Set

You can obtain Cerberus Armour tokens during the Cerberus Rush in January 2020, which can be used to unlock the new RS3 Cerberus Armour Set:
Cerberus helmet token: can be used to unlock RS Cerberus helmet
Cerberus breastplate token: can be used to unlock RS Cerberus breastplate
Cerberus faulds token: can be used to unlock RS Cerberus faulds
Cerberus gloves token: can be used to unlock RS Cerberus gloves
Cerberus boots token: can be used to unlock RS Cerberus boots

Hope you could get what you want during RS Cerberus Rush Treasure Hunter promotion.

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