How To Recycle Scrap Copper Wire?

How to recycle scrap copper wire?

How to recycle scrap copper wire?

Reasons for recycling scrap copper wires:

1. Turn waste into treasure, improve the sustainability of resources, and ease resource tensions;

2. Copper is expensive and can make money by recycling waste copper wires;

3. With the advancement of science and technology, the dry copper separation method will be used to recycle the waste copper wires, which can reduce environmental pollution.

The importance of recycling scrap copper wires:

Copper is a non-ferrous metal with excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in power, energy and petrochemical, mechanical metallurgy, transportation and other fields. However, ore mining and smelting production cannot keep up with the pace of demand growth, resulting in a copper shortage. Separating copper from scrap copper wires can reduce waste of resources, turn waste into wealth, and ease the strain on global copper resources.

Method for recycling waste copper wire:

Because copper is a 100% recyclable metal and the price of copper is expensive, recovering copper from scrap cables has become an increasingly popular business. So how to recycle scrap copper wire? The Cable granulator machine can achieve the purpose. The Cable granulator machine is specially used for recycling copper scrap to obtain pure copper and plastic, with a separation rate of 99%. The entire process does not require water, fire or chemicals, which means that there is little or no pollution. The separated copper and plastic are very pure and can be sold directly on the market.

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