Elevate Your Sales Productivity With SFA Software


Elevate Your Sales Productivity with SFA Software

Sales force automation software plays a vital role in the pharmaceutical organization as it helps an organization to automate their sales process. For instance, companies can easily generate accurate sales reports and sales forecast that will minimize the efforts of the sales reps. In addition to this, CRM enables pharmaceutical companies to track the progress of sales reps, their day to day activities and more. 

This simply improves the working style of the sales reps and enable them to achieve a new level of success. 


Some of the challenges faced by the on-field sales reps:


  • Is it possible to keep track of all sales activities?
  • How to manage customer orders automatically?
  • How to define daily work on DCR?


The above challenges are faced by many sales reps who are working in a pharmaceutical company. A CRM in pharmaceutical industry aids in managing and automating the sales lifecycle to improve the productivity of a sales team.

Here, we have mentioned some of the noteworthy features of sales force automation software:


  1. Monitor sales-team performance: 

Sales force automation software assists companies to track their sales productivity in an organized manner. Along with that, sales force automation software comes with an attractive feature that helps the managers to check the daily work routine of each sales rep. This feature enables the managers to encourage the subordinate to improve the overall functionality of the sales representatives. 


Some SFA software also comes with an app facility that helps in tracking the sales team performance on the fingertips. Mobile sales force automation software allows multiple facilities at the same time. For instance, live location sharing, daily call reporting, schedule meetings & campaigns are very useful in providing full support to the clients 24x7. 


  1. Scheduling and task follow ups: 

Help pharmaceutical companies to manage the regular activities and follow up events carried by sales reps. So, for any upcoming meeting and event, reminders and alerts are automatically triggered from a CRM.


  1. Improve Order Booking:

 Salesforce automation software allows MR to maintain and manage all the customer orders on a single screen. This feature will effectively solve the complex process of order management in the sales business. 


  1. Sales management:

SFA software for pharma industries manages the stock statement of a stockist that helps to calculate all the primary and secondary sales reports, customer reports. In addition to this, SFA also gives you a top-bottom analysis of your products. 


  1. Data analysis and reports: 

Earlier data analysis and reports used to be very critical because of the poor product management and forecasting. However, with the help of an organized SFA system, inventory management, data analysis and future forecasting can be easily handled, therefore, eliminates any overstock and understock situations. 

On the other hand, data analysis helps in understanding your day to day activities such as your sales performance, products, report generation and more.  


Salestrip is best in sales force automation software that automates all the sales activities such as order booking, field tracking, sales monitoring and more. Also, it helps to automate all the major sales activities such as doctor management, field force management, call reporting, pharma reporting thus maximizing the sales and profit margin to the maximum possible extent. For more information, kindly visit www.salestrip.in


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